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According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, California produces over 400 different agricultural commodities including one third of the nation’s vegetables.  California’s role as a major agricultural exporter makes agricultural workers invaluable members of the California workforce.  

One of the most distinctive aspects of agricultural work is that it is almost exclusively performed outdoors.  Working outdoors exposes employees to a host of unique dangers that other industries do not face.  Soil related illnesses such as Valley Fever are on the rise in California and those who work in agricultural fields are at an increased risk of contracting the disease.  California’s farm workers also work long hours bending, stooping and lifting heavy loads causing and increased risk of repetitive movement injuries.  When left untreated, these injuries can cause significant and sometimes permanent damage.  

Agricultural workers often suffer injuries and continue to work in pain due to fear of losing their jobs.  These employees may have also been told not to report work related injuries or denied care when an injury was reported.  At Johnson Sandhu, we are committed to ensuring that members of the agricultural community promptly receive treatment and benefits to which they are entitled.  

Common Issues and Injuries

Each industry has their unique challenges. In the agricultural industry, we often the the following issues come up in Workers’ Compensation claims:

  • Failure to provide medical treatment or a claim form
  • Asking workers to treat with their own insurance
  • Serious back and shoulder injuries from repetitive job duties
  • Low back injuries from heavy lifting.
  • Firing a worker for reporting an injury.
  • Covid-19 due to inadequate safety procedures
  • Tractor and ATV rollovers due to a lack of training and poorly maintained equipment

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