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California has some of the busiest ports in the world, and as a result we have a healthy freight transport industry.  Truck drivers have some of the highest rates of workers’ compensation claims due to the tremendous physical toll the job takes.  Truck drivers endure long hours of driving which can lead to severe orthopedic pain and can inhibit the ability to exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Truck drivers have high rates of hypertension and diabetes, which not only have their own damaging effect on the body, but means it is more difficult to recover from injuries. 

Bus drivers also suffer from many of the same ailments due to long periods of time of the road in a seated position. They also have the added stress of dealing with passengers, who sometimes are threatening or violent. 

At Johnson Sandhu we have extensive experience with transportation cases and the unique challenges that come with the industry. We are also familiar with the many roadblocks and issues that arise for those transportation workers who are employed with a city or county.  When we look at your claim, not only do we seek to address the issues you are aware of, but also the issues you may not have considered but may entitle you to increased compensation. 

Common Issues and Injuries 

Each industry has their unique challenges. In the transportation industry, we often the the following issues come up in Workers’ Compensation claims:

  • Long hours leading to stress and overexertion
  • Heavy lifting or shifting of cargo
  • Being struck by falling objects while loading and unloading
  • Low back injuries due to old trucks with old seats
  • Arm and hand injuries from gripping a large wheel
  • Injuries from motor vehicle accidents
  • Injuries while removing trailer
  • Slip and fall injuries while loading or unloading
  • Cardiac diseases including hypertension

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