Warehouse Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Warehouse workers are responsible for performing a large array of physically demanding job duties; as a result, they are at an increased risk of suffering industrial injuries.  The most common injuries we see with warehouse workers are those caused by repetitive movements.   A repetitive movement injury can be caused by something as simple as putting labels on boxes repeatedly.  Laborers are also at higher risk of acute injuries due to heavy lifting and equipment malfunction.  

Laborers working in warehouse settings often suffer injuries and continue to work in pain due to fear of losing their jobs.  When employees do report an injury, employers may fail to provide timely adequate medical treatment.  We at Johnson Sandhu LLP are committed to ensuring that all workers promptly receive treatment and benefits to which they are entitled. 

Common Issues and Injuries

Each industry has their unique challenges. In the warehouse worker industry, we often the the following issues come up in Workers’ Compensation claims:

  • Failure to provide adequate safety equipment
  • Failure to provide medical treatment or a claim form when an injury is reported
  • Serious neck and arm injuries from repetitive job duties
  • Low back injuries from heavy lifting.
  • Firing a worker for reporting an injury or a safety issue.
  • Covid-19 due to inadequate safety procedures
  • Chemical exposure
  • Being struck by falling objects
  • Being injured by a forklift

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If you have been injured, follow your company’s protocol for reporting injuries. If there isn’t a protocol, or you haven’t been advised of one, report it to your immediate supervisor, and ask for a claim form and medical treatment. If you are having trouble getting the care you need, contact us and we will help get things back on track.


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